Professional Longarm Quilting

Quiltbird Studio offers professional Longarm Quilting Services. For more information on having your quilt top quilted in Quiltbird Studio, please contact us for complete information and scheduling! Also check out our "Things to Know Before You Take Your Quilt to a Longarm Quilter". This is great information for everyone to have before sending their pieced top to any quilting studio!

Mavis opened Quiltbird Studio in 2001 and as well as quilting for local clients, her quilting has been shown in several publications. You can see examples of her quilting in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting May/June 2010 and Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts: Summer 2009 and Fall 2010, and Fons & Porter’s Baby Quilts Fall 2009. Her quilting of Jodie Davis’ Dimples and Duckies is shown and discussed by Jodie and Marianne Fons in the 2009 F&P’s Love of Quilting 2009 DVD. Mavis’s quilting also appears in Backyard Bird Quilts by Jodie Davis, 2006, published by KP Books. As well as in Gwenn Marston's 2012 Liberated Medallion Quilts published by AQS Publishing (American Quilter's Society). Keep looking for Mavis's work; more quilting is scheduled to appear in the future!

Happiness Is: A Quilt enjoyed by a client!