Retreats, Christian Women's Quilting Retreats, Classes, Workshops, Lectures

Retreats - Mavis personally designs retreats and workshops specifically tailored to the interest or need of your group; this can be at our location or yours! You can also choose from a list of ready-to-go quilting projects! All retreats include patterns, supply lists and lots of individualized attention. We can even organize a shop hop before the retreat to help with fabric selection or just plain old FUN! Group sizes range from 10 participants upwards; but we've also had some 'girlfriend sewing weekends' where Mavis brought patterns and mini projects for as few as 4 friends!
Christian Women's Quilting Retreats - As a major focus for Quiltbird Studio the last several years, Mavis has tailored weekend retreats that combine quilting with a spirital theme. Each retreat has its own individual focus that includes a fun quilt project, personal prayer journal, special mini project to help retreaters remember the themed study and so much more! These retreats allow for the participants to get to know each other, as deeper communication is made through the short study times. We laugh and cry, we study, we're silly, we sew and (sometimes) even rip seams together (!) as new and old friendship bonds are formed and strengthened. These are really special retreats! Some of these retreat titles include: Woven Hearts, As for Me and My House, Cord of Three, Freedom in Christ and Live the Blooming Life! Currently we use the beautiful campus of Epworth by the Sea on St. Simon's Island, Georgia, for these retreats. Keep in mind we can schedule a retreat at your location if you have a group ready to form. New retreats are being developed each year and always fill up quickly. Space is limited for a quality experience. Contact us for current schedule!
All-Nighters - Yes! We sew all night! Usually scheduled from 6 PM to 6 AM, it’s hard to get the students to leave in the morning!  With the special project and other interesting happenings during the night, it can be a great guild activity or Quilt Store Bonus Class. There are several All-Nighter Project Books to choose from when you schedule this event or tell us your thoughts and we’ll create one for your group! You won’t believe how fast the night flies by...or the beautiful quilt you'll have in the morning!

Classes & Lectures - Mavis regularly teaches beginning and specialty quilting classes locally and around the State of Georgia.  “Have suitcase; will travel”  

Please contact Quiltbird Studio for more information and scheduling on Classes, Workshops, Retreats, and/or Lectures...we have FUN!
Click on link to watch Quiltbird Studio's humorous longarm quilting video.  This video is used in the class 'The Buzz on the Longarm Biz' first presented at the 2008 Georgia Quilt Show. The song 'You Can Quilt that Out' is by Cathy Miller. You can find her music at:  After emails, Cathy wrote the song 'Done is Better than Perfect' suggested by Mavis as inspiration to new quilters everywhere who worry too much about 'quilter's perfection' over learning new skills and having fun!