Quilt Piecing Patterns

Quiltbird Studio offers a wide variety of over 50 patterns in mail out form only. Contact us for the current list of available patterns.
Many of our customers come back to us for the easy to understand instructions and illustrations.  Some patterns come with charts to help you plan your color selections and even a check off shopping list so you know where each fabric goes after you have left the quilt shop!

More experienced quilters enjoy Quiltbird Studio Piecing Patterns for ease of design and information about how to use the pattern again in a new way.  Lots of ideas, quilting tips, and suggestions on how to quilt the project after piecing are included.
Squared Round Robin Kit-Group Quilting Project
Round Robin quilt tops are traditionally passed among a group of friends, each one adding something to the quilt before it eventually returns to its owner.  Sometimes it can be intimidating or frustrating as ‘inexperience’ meets ‘seasoned quilters work’ side by side! Not so with the Squared Round Robin...while being simple enough for beginners; more advanced quilters will have fun with the color play options built into the pattern design!


Details:  Includes instructions on setting up the group, sample letter of invitation to participants, 10 instruction books (one for each member) including fabric requirements and all cutting/sewing/piecing directions, plus 10 individual Quilt Diaries to travel with each quilt throughout the project listing quilt owner, where the quilt top is traveling to next, owners preferences and designated places for optional photos of participants or of the quilt in progress!  Even a bonus pattern for quilt travel and storage is included! Everyone in the group will work on everyone else’s quilt. So grab a total of 10 quilting friends and embark on an exciting Squared Round Robin Quilt adventure!  This has been a great project for quilt guilds or other groups who want to get to know their members better!
The kit has everything a group needs to get started...and includes lots of extras so the tops truly return to their owners ready to quilt!  It’s a guild favorite!
(Mailed only, price includes postage) Instruction Books & Quilt Diaries for 10 - $160.00


Squared Round Robin Instruction Books & Quilt Diaries for each participant
The Quilts Come Home - Reveal Day!
This is a special pattern...not only
fun for a group...Mavis entered
her original pattern used in the
Squared Round Robin Quilt
and won the 2007
Done-In-One Challenge
from Fons & Porter
and QNNtv.com!