Shout Outs & Thanks

I love being in the studio quilting, designing, digitizing...creating! However, it’s important to me to keep my skills sharp and be on the edge of what’s happening in the Quilting World. That means I’m out meeting quilters, taking classes (YES! Professional quilters/designers take classes, too!) and just generally soaking up as much inspiration and knowledge as I can... I try to internalize it and give it back to my clients and students with fresh, constantly growing skills in longarm quilting, pattern designing, lecturing and offering expanded classes! 

Here’s a partial list of my teachers who have helped me over the years to continue to grow and gain knowledge to be able to give back to others through quilting. 
Jodie Davis
Margaret Rolfe
Anita Shackelford
Ricky Tims
Lynette Jensen
Sally Terry
Alex Anderson
Alice Berg
Al Hutchins
Nancy Zieman
Sylvia Johnson
Paul & Mildred Statler
Jinny Beyer
Mary Ellen Von Holt
Tammy Finkler
Caryl Bryer Fallert
Velda Newman
Marci Baker
Jenny Haskins
Brenda Papadakis
Barbara Handler
Marsha McCloskey
Barbara Randle
Suzy Seed
Gloria McKinnon
Kim Diamond
Dian Keepers
Julie Wallace
Kaye England
Ron Paul
Libby Lehman
Angela Madden
Kenny Taylor
Debbie Mumm
Judy Allen
Glen Cook
Connie Davidson
Cathy Miller
Marti Surrency
Joan Knight
Sheila Brown
...And a special ‘thanks for your support’ goes to my friends in the Wayne County Quilt Guild!
Sincere Thanks to All and as always...Happy Quilting,
--Mavis Rosbach