Quilters Give Back

Quilters are the most generous people I know! Join Quiltbird Studio’s Christian Quilters & Friends KIVA team to help end poverty around the world through micro financing...you can truly impact others lives with loaning as little as $25. Yes, it’s a loan: you get repaid and you have the option to either re-loan those funds or get your original money back. Once you see how it works you’ll be hooked on re-loaning! You can read about individuals seeking financing and choose the person, family or group in any country you wish to help! It’s been my privilege to help out individual women, men and groups in 79 different countries including right here in the United States of America with 121 loans...and counting! Kiva is an amazing organization that as of July 2016, has facilitated over $880 million in loans! And all the funds come through individuals around the world helping others throughout the world! WoW! Please check out www.kiva.org/about


If you join KIVA, then join our team Christian Quilters & Friends; make a loan through our team and email us for a free special pattern! We look forward to hearing from you soon!